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Contact Us Page


How is Contacting Helpful?

Many of you knew Suniti since her student days as a fellow student, teacher, colleague, speaker, writer, consultant or just as a friend or an acquaintance. She touched many lives. We will appreciate if you can help us preserve Suniti's legacy by contributing in any of the following ways:

  1. Send memories of Suniti of how, where and when
  2. Send photographs with Suniti
  3. Tell about awards and recognitions of Suniti
  4. Send audio or video of Suniti
  5. Would like to know how we will build her legacy in India
  6. Would like to help build her legacy OR
  7. Just want to stay in touch

Continuing Suniti's Legacy

We are thinking about a few ideas and would like to hear from you about what you think:

  1. Start a Suniti Deshpande Foundation of Academic Excellence
  2. Hold a photography exhibition of Suniti's journey and life story in Mumbai and Kolhapur
  3. Start academic schholarships to help students of English and foriegn languages
  4. Any suggestions you might have

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Comments, feedback, suggestions?

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An Appeal to Colleagues & Students

We are looking for Suniti's published articles, essays, presentations, speeches, awards or any news and event information including memories you may have. Suniti's life journey was unique. She did not give into the odds. She stood tall and conquered them. We should celebrate Suniti's story. We will appreciate if you can send any information to Thank you.