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'He Bandh Purane' Book

He Bandh Purane

He Bandh Purane
The Old Bonds

Majestic Publications, Mumbai
Bond between India and Russia
148 pages


These are bonds but not limitations. No time, no geographical boundaries, no unexpected political upheavals can severe these bonds. Even after 6 decades, these bonds are still fresh and close. You are close to each other so much so that being a native and foreign does not matter. Many of the Soviet and Indian poet-artists have celebrated these bonds with their brilliant work. Poet Rasul Gamajhatava thinks that the red dot on an India woman's forehead (Kumkum Tilak) is her identity while poet Svyataslava Rerikh thinks Indian Goddess Laxmi is the ultimate form of faith that deserves worship. Ilya Glajhunova drew an image of Pandit Jawaharlala Nehru on the background of the Indian flag so beautifully that you are compelled to move your hand forward to shake his hands. Recently India and Russia celebrated its 60 years of close friendship but even after this relationship will get older with many more zeros after the 6, the old bonds will never get old. Never.

This book is about the bonds of friendship, love and trust between India and Russia. It is an anthology of independent essays by Dr. Suniti Deshpande about the legendary friendship between the two countries.

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Dr. Suniti Deshpande