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Russian Made Easier

Russian Made Easier

Russian Made Easier
First Text Book on Russian Language

Cultural Center of Russia, Mumbai
171 pages

Author of first textbook on Russian language approved and prescribed by many schools, colleges and universities across India.

This language instruction book is a thorough course of Russian grammar based on typical implementations of speech: one studies the phenomenon is accompanied by its use in typical phrases. Most of the phrases is speech, communicative character.

Dosage and explanation of grammar course is organized intensively: discount large enough dose of linguistic material very compact commentary, which also seems to us to be useful, especially for an adult audience. The course is designed around the fact that it is a practical grammar, grammatical phenomena are based on the syntax, first, in the order that allows performing categories studied in the construction of phrases, illustrations, and secondly.

Available at bookstores in Mumbai, India Also Online here:

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Preface by Mr. F.A. Rozovosky

The author found it necessary in the presentation of some topics - verbs of motion (p. 133 ff), platformers and other verbs. - Immediately give the value of the portable token that is interesting, because usually such a representation is not practiced. With this in speech course material were included stable expression and even idioms. The course, of course, accompanied by a comparative characteristics and translations. All this makes the course focused, educationally valuable.

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